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cw - 6/13/2021

7. We need your help with finishing out the 2020-2021 Membership Campaign. As of today, May 28, the Department is at 97.31%. To help you help us we have a "Deal of a Lifetimeā€ for your annual members. Due to COVID the Department of MO. VFW has received a grant from the Federal Government. The Dept Council of Administration as decided to use the money to offer a Life Member incentive. Effective immediately any annual member who converts to a Life Member, or new member who joins as a Life Member, will receive a rebate for 50% of the Life Member Fee from the Department Quartermaster. You must notify the State Quartermaster so he knows who to mail the check to. This only applies to new members joining as Life Members or Life Member upgrades. The $45 rebate that has been in effect only applies to Legacy Life upgrades now.
 This Program has been extended by the Council of Administration Vote for the 2021-22 Membership Year or until the Funds Run Out which IS Limited!
Any questions please contact Your Post Commander. Full Fees Must Be Paid First! Here are Current Life Member Fees     The Rebate AFTER due Notification
Through 30 $425                  $217.50 
31-40 $410                             $205 
41-50 $375                             $187.50
51-60 $335                             $167.50 
61-70 $290                             $145 
71-80 $225                             $112.50 
81 & over $170                       $85 

It does not state if your dues are current or expiring or lapsed. So it is fair game to ALL !!!!! 

Legacy Upgrades is still $45 - No Change. This is geared for the current Unpaid Members to boost the Total Memstats. Still, it is opened for All Continuous Members! It Is ALSO Geared for Recruiting NEW LIFE MEMBERS!!!!!!

Remember, Highly recommend completion prior to June 20 to allow for proper processing for this Membership Year. I would not be surprised if other States do not do the same thing so it might swamp the system!
It can be Easily Completed yourself by going to the Renewal Tab on the VFW National Website. One does not need to Log In for this. All you need is your Membership Number on your VFW Card or on the Mailing Label on your VFW Magazine.
Here Is That Link!